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With more than 10 years of experience Butter By Keba, NYC, offers quality handcrafted and unique aromatic personal care products for the fast paced modern individual.  We take pride in  having been noticed and complimented by NBC News journalists, world known celebrities, health & beauty publications and national bloggers.  We blend and marry extracts such as grapefruit, sweet orange, neroli, chamomile, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, vetivert, with natural ingredients of pure shea butter, grape seed oil and dead sea salt to create a line of unparalleled  fragrant skin care products.  

Our Vision

 Harlem born Makeba Lloyd began blending and mixing essential oils and fragrances with shea butter as a therapeutic hobby only to discover a convenient method of moisturizing and scenting in one easy step.  Inspired by the aromas of open air markets and fragrance houses on her travels through Egypt, Makeba pursued her curiosity and fascination for the essence world in the aromatherapy and natural perfumery classrooms of the New York Open Center in Soho.  It was there when she realized she had a passion for creating fragrances that people would love.  And so, Butter By Keba was born from an innovative idea to create natural skin care while offering sophisticated fragrance in one product.